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Tarifa Spain: What are the Best Things To Do?

Tarifa, in Spain, is the most southern point of the european continent. Tarifa is the place of the famous Pillars of Hercules. It is...

Best Lanzarote Beaches: the ones not to be missed!

LanzartoYou might think that beaches in Lanzarote are only of volcanic origin, maybe rocky and with little chance to build the classic "sand castles"....

Top 10 Things to Do in Santander in Spain

Although is less subsidised than the South Spain (for example Andalusia), the North of Spain is an area remarkably beautiful and extremely different from...

15 Best Things To Do and See in Mexico

As I’ve already told you in many other posts, planning your travel itinerary isn’t super easy, especially if the there are too many things...

Akumal in Mexico: snorkeling among turtles

Akumal in Mexico is the perfect place for snorkeling while you're doing a road trip in Mexico (click for my itinerary). I love snorkeling....

D-day: Landing Sites and Normandy Beaches in France

Several months have passed since my visit to Normandy, and yet I still had not managed to write the article about the landing places, the...