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Giants Causeway in Ireland: How to Visit It

The Giant's Causeway in Ireland is a rare gem. When you visit the Northern Ireland, in a single day you can fall in love...

Connemara, Ireland, 5 Places to Fall in Love

If the Donegal is considered the wildest part of the Ireland...Connemara is certainly the most iconic, the one that recurs in the mind of...

Traveling in Ireland? My Practical Tips

Whenever I do a road trip, I always like to give a set of cross-cutting tips that allow you to better structure your itinerary...

Cliffs of Moher: Visiting Ireland’s Most Famous Cliffs

The Cliffs of Moher are certainly Ireland's most famous cliffs. We are talking about the best-known cliffs, since the highest Irish cliffs are the...

The Best Places and Things To Do in Donegal

The people say that Donegal is the roughest, wildest, most nature-bound part of Ireland, nothing less than the most fascinating. Before I left for my...

Public Sauna in Helsinki: Discover the Finnish Culture

During my week in Helsinki I had a chance to experience a real public sauna. As you know, sauna culture is well entrenched within Finnish...