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Franciacorta in Italy: 10 Things to do in this Wine Region

franciacorta italy view

Franciacorta, Italy = 17.5 million bottles produced every years. Hectares and hectares of hills that every year produce tons of precious grapes that are then transformed into that DOCG wine with the important name: Franciacorta. Franciacorta is the portion of Italian territory located between the municipalities of Brescia and Iseo. It is delimited to the […read more]

Top 10 things to do in Athens, Greece

top things to do in athens

At the end of your itinerary around Continental Greece, visiting Athens would be the icing on the cake. The Greek capital pleasantly enraptured me, but at the same time I was left a bit baffled by the fact that people have different opinions on its beauty. Indeed, many tourists believe Athens to be dirty and […read more]

15 best things to do and see in Mexico

mexico itinerary tulum beach

As I’ve already told you in many other posts, planning your travel itinerary isn’t super easy, especially if the there are too many things to visit once you get to destination. When I was in Mexico (read my Road Trip in Mexico: itinerary from Yucatan to Chiapas) and I had some problems organising my travel […read more]

10 things to do in Porto, a lovely city in Portugal

10 things to do in porto tram

Porto in Portugal is a great city!! Often people set off on a journey without having too many expectations and plans, yet ready to experience what is to come just as how it will come and ready to let themselves be surprised by any place they’ll be wondering around. That’s how my weekend in Porto […read more]

Top 10 things to do in Santander in Spain

thinghs to see in santander

Although is less subsidised than the South Spain (for example Andalusia), the North of Spain is an area remarkably beautiful and extremely different from the rest of the peninsula. Cantabria is one of the smallest regions of Northern Spain. Protected by the Picos de Europa and lapped by the Bay of Biscay. There are plenty […read more]

Top 10 things to do in Bruges: discovering Belgium’s pearls

things to do in bruges and what to see

What are the things to do in Bruges? I had already talked about this splendid Belgian city right after coming back from it. I remember being very enthusiastic about Bruges, but just after travelling, as it often happens, people are ecstatic and tend to overestimate things a little bit. But this is not the case […read more]

10 best things to do in Valencia, what to see?

things to do in Valencia

What to see in Valencia? Well, firstly, the sun, definitely! It’s always shining on the city of Valencia and inside Valencian people. They’re always approaching life with a smile, taking all the good things… we should learn from them! Anyway, visiting Valencia in summer means sun, hot and sun, while in winter means sun, warm […read more]

Las Fallas in Valencia: one of the most beautiful festivals in Spain

las fallas festival valencia

Firecrackers, fireworks, hundreds of giant wooden and papier-mache monuments all over the city. Where are we?! Right, of course! We cannot but be in Valencia, attending the highly anticipated event that makes it famous all over the world: “Las Fallas”. You might be interested in: Things to do in Valencia, 10 must-see sights Las Fallas: […read more]

8 experiences and things to do to enjoy Valencia at its best

experience to do in valencia spain

After having talked about what to see in Valencia, now I want to share with you the 8 experiences to enjoy in Valencia, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. As for the most phenomenal experience to live in Valencia (which you can find briefly described in this post), I also wanted to dedicate […read more]

Toledo in Spain: the best things to do in the city

panoramic view of toledo spain

Are you in Madrid in Spain and you want to get out of the hustle and bustle of a metropolis and dive into Spanish history? Well, going to see Toledo is just what it takes. It’s all about Spanish history because Toledo used to be the Spanish capital before Madrid. Thing to do in in […read more]