My name is Emanuele, from Brescia (Italy), I live in the beautiful Franciacorta region renowned for its excellent wines. I am a sunny and determined guy who tries to take life by always looking at the glass half full. Over the years, I have realized that one must always look at the positive side of things and forget the negative; so much “eating one’s heart out” is useless!

One must always adopt the technique of: one more smile and one less anger, starting with the simplest things and situations.

Contextually with my working life, I graduated in March 2015 with a degree in Economics and Management of Tourism Enterprises, not surprisingly, travel is my greatest passion even though, unfortunately, my family does not consist of great travelers. So I lived my childhood and adolescence straddling Torre Pedrera and Viserba, no incredible trips. To these places, however, I like to return often because they are very important to me, and when I set foot there, it feels like coming home a bit, a second home.

Since I started working (at the age of 18) and had a…let’s call it asset autonomy…I started to travel with a few friends and from that moment the great passion for OnTheRoad travel was also born, a passion that for a while I could not carry on because of rather busy years.

This is definitely my favorite type of travel because it’s a way of traveling by which you completely immerse yourself in the places you’re visiting; you can stop whenever you want, you can create your own itinerary and feel really free, that’s where it really gives me a feeling of freedom that I love.


Online since July 2015, the travel blog Recyourtrip arises from the idea of being a point of reference for whomever needs information to organise their own trip.

The posts are written so as to give precise suggestions on what kind of experience not to miss out on whilst travelling to a specific place.

The main target is the Road Trip.

Recyourtrip also presents two particular and interisting sections.

The firse of them is the videomaking section realised in collaboration with the videomaker who works with me. I firmly believe that videos are the future for the next generation of travellers because they are really effective at promoting a territory and they give you a sense of what a particular place is going to be like in a very short space of time.

The second section are the tutorials. My main goal is to explain how to move within the traveller’s world.


Recyourtrip is a single author blog where I just write about places I’ve been and experiences that I really have lived

It’s a blog that gives you all the information you need to make your trip better.

I like to advise travelers on the best choices to make. For this reason the articles are practical with a fresh and slim cut. I try to get as empathy as possible with the reader, as if we were in front of a cafe at the bar and told about my impressions and emotions linked to a place.

I am available to collaborate with entities / companies that want to promote their own territory. Articles born from these partnerships will be objective and sincere as first of all comes the trust and respect towards the reader.


  • QualityThe contents are written with great care to maintain a high level of quality of the blog.
  • Seo Content: I do an accurate analysis SEO before the post.
  • High Volume Keywords: I want build the posts working on high volume keywords. My goal is to reach the greatest possible number of people both in the short term and the long term.
  • Videomaking: I have the opportunity to propose solutions including high quality video thanks to the collaboration with a professional videomaker.
  • Multimedia: Great importance is given to multimedia content. Emotional videos and quality photos are produced on each trip.
  • I am social (a little): Each live collaboration is documented on the major social. The contents vary depending on the type of social used.


Here: info@recyourtrip.com or fill the form.

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