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Best 5 European cities to visit: travelling in Europe

best european cities to visit recyourtrip

If you’re looking for the best european cities to visit, you’re in the right place. As Italian blogger I traveled much through Europe and I made a leaderboard about the best cities (not only capitals) you should visit. Are many the beautiful European cities that are worth visiting. Cities that leave visitors pleasantly impressed, cities […read more]

Rouen in France: best things to do in the city of Joan of Arc

rouen view from the viepoing sainte caterine hille 2

If there’s one town on my itinerary in Normandy that struck me, it’s definitely Rouen. It is famous for being the city where Joan of Arc was killed in that square (Vieux-Marché) where there is now the “Eglise Sainte Jeanne d’Arc“. Rouen is also called the city of a hundred bell towers. At the end of your […read more]

Among D-day-landing sites and Normandy beaches in France

cemetery normandy d day

Several months have passed since my visit to Normandy, and yet I still had not managed to write the article about the landing places, the main reason that inspired me to visit this beautiful piece of French territory. There would be a thousand other reasons, such as visiting Mount Saint Michel or the Étretat cliffs, however the signs of […read more]

Étretat cliffs, the beautiful nature of Normandy

View of the Amon cliff in Etretat Normandy France

Not far from Rouen (if you’ll visit it, read my article about the top things to do in Rouen), on the north-northeast coast of Normandy, in the department of the Seine-Maritime lies is a town of 1500 inhabitants. Its name is Étretat. It is a tiny gem with blue roofs, protected by imposing cliffs. You […read more]

Mont Saint Michel, France: Abbey, tides and opening hours

mont saint michel normandy france recyourtrip

On a trip to Normandy there are plenty of places to include in the list of “places to see once in a lifetime”. Among them is certainly Mont Saint Michel with its abbey in the middle of the sea. Mont Saint Michel is truly unique. When you stand in front of it you find it hard […read more]

Visit Normandy, France: what are the best things to do?

what to see in Normandy arromanches beach

A tour of Normandy in France is not a simple trip. Or rather … it is very simple because we are in Europe and there are no serious problems for a traveler. However it is a complicated journey because visiting Normandy necessarily means to face a piece of history that has marked the life of […read more]

Nice, France: the best things to do and see!

things to do in nice france

Nice, is one of the most important cities of the French Riviera. It is the 5th most populous town in France and it has many places to see like a very unique historical city centre, a gorgeous square and a paradisiac seafront. Nice became part of the French territory back in 1860, when the Treaty […read more]