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How to make a travel itinerary?

planning a trip

The first things to do when you plan your own travel itinerary are setting a budget and deciding the destination you will travel to. Once you’ve done this, the following step involves laying the foundations of your journey. How to make your travel itinerary by your own? Let’s have a look together at what things […read more]

How to plan a trip on your own from A to Z?


Here we are, finally talking about tourism and traveling. How to start this article if not with the RecYourTrip philosophy: organize and plan a trip completely on your own. This post will be divided into various sections and will help you answer the question: Will I be able to plan a trip in complete autonomy? […read more]

GoPro: the best setting to make a travel video

gopro settings video

When talking about action cams, it is impossible not to mention the GoPro, the first action cam on the market and undisputed leader in this category. I often come across people who claim to have bought a GoPro when they’ve actually purchased a simple action cam. The GoPro plays a pivotal role in two main […read more]