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Franciacorta in Italy: 10 Things to do in this Wine Region

franciacorta italy view

Franciacorta, Italy = 17.5 million bottles produced every years. Hectares and hectares of hills that every year produce tons of precious grapes that are then transformed into that DOCG wine with the important name: Franciacorta. Franciacorta is the portion of Italian territory located between the municipalities of Brescia and Iseo. It is delimited to the […read more]

The Lemon Houses on Lake Garda: nature and tradition

lemon houses lake garda

If you are looking for an itinerary that can offer you a glance at the beauty of Lake Garda as well as of its history and tradition, this is my tip: discover the lemon houses along the western shore of the lake, that is also called, not by chance, “Riviera dei limoni”. Into the Lemon […read more]

6 top things to do in Cefalù in Sicily, the Arab-Norman city

Overview of Cefalù from the old pier

Cefalù has been my first approach to Sicily. I had never been on Sicilian soil before and I must say that if everything else on the island is as beautiful as Cefalù, I can only regret having waited so long. I visited Cefalù on my own, or rather, partly on my own and partly with […read more]

Lake Iseo, Italy: 15 things to do around the Lake

view from mount guglielmo lake iseo

Lake Iseo in Italy is one of the three major lakes in Brescia alongside Lake Idro and the more famous and well-known Lake Garda. Three completely different lakes of Lombardy, each with its own characteristics yet all three are extremely fascinating. In recent years, thanks to the artistic work of Christo (The Floating Piers) the […read more]

The top 10 things to do in San Marino!

rocca maggiore one things to do in san marino

How many times I’ve been around there, and yet in my life I hadn’t yet gone to see San Marino. What a big mistake! Only now I realize what I missed. It’s possible to visit San Marino during with a day trip. The oldest republic in the world is about forty minutes away from nearby […read more]