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Travelling to Mexico: map, costs and details

palenque mexico

Down below you’ll find some important aspects about travelling to Mexico. I’ve already talked to you about the itinerary of a road trip in Mexico. You will therefore get an idea of what it means to visit such a wonderful yet mysterious country. Many of the topics I’ll talk about, are better analysed in my […read more]

The top 5 Mayan ruins in Mexico

mayan ruins mexico

Surely the Mayan ruins are amongst the best places of interest in Mexico. Visiting the Yucatan peninsula and not seeing one of its many Mayan site is unimaginable. The Mayan archaeological sites in Mexico are a spectacular historical heirloom, which memories the natives still cherish. The Mayans were short (about 1.20 metres) and rounded, as […read more]

The Misol Há and Agua Azul waterfalls in Chiapas

agua azul chiapas

Agua Azul waterfalls in Mexico are surely an unforgettable sight for all tourists who visit them. I remember that, when I was planning my roadtrip to Mexico, one of my biggest dream was to go and see these waterfalls. I can happily say that my dream has now become true! If you are traveling to […read more]

Mexico travel tips: safety and 15 things to remember

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This is a list of the things to remember, a list of useful Mexico travel tips. In fact, whenever I plan a travel itinerary, I always ask myself many questions. To answer them, I often need to search on the internet for suggestions and advice. When I was planning my trip to Thailand, for example, […read more]

15 best things to do and see in Mexico

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As I’ve already told you in many other posts, planning your travel itinerary isn’t super easy, especially if the there are too many things to visit once you get to destination. When I was in Mexico (read my Road Trip in Mexico: itinerary from Yucatan to Chiapas) and I had some problems organising my travel […read more]

Road Trip in Mexico: itinerary from Yucatan to Chiapas

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I’ve wanted to talk to you about my travel itinerary on a Road Trip in Mexico from the very moment I planned it, but I decided to do so only once I had returned to Italy. I wanted to put the plan to the test and make sure to give you a flawless itinerary from […read more]

Things to do in Merida: between hammocks and mexican cuisine

merida mexico things to do

Merida, together with Campeche, plays the role of wingman in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Frankly, I don’t know why. It lives “under the shadow” of the Mayan Riviera, which is extremely famous. All the tourist facilities are clustered on that strip of coast that goes from Cancun to Tulum. Every day, tourists are taken […read more]

San Juan Chamula: mayan village in Chiapas

san juan chamula chiapas mexico

San Juan Chamula is a great excursion you’ll can do from the beautiful city of San Cristobal de Las Casas. This part of Mexico is as poor as it is fascinating and San Juan Chamula is a village that will really leave you with many question marks. For me it’s a village absolutely to visit […read more]

Sumidero Canyon in Mexico: excursion from San Cristobal

sumidero canyon from san cristobal de las casas

The Sumidero Canyon is one of the offer you’ll see walking through the town of San Cristobal de las Casas. You will find several agencies offering day trips in the beautiful Chiapas area. Guided tours cost no less than 300 pesos and you must comply with predefined timetables. If you don’t have a car, the […read more]

Akumal in Mexico: snorkeling among turtles

akumal mexico turtles

Akumal in Mexico is the perfect place for snorkeling while you’re doing a road trip in Mexico (click for my itinerary). I love snorkeling. I really love to admire the seabed in search of colorful fish in an almost unreal silence. When you put your head in the water, all the noises become muffled and […read more]