Skyscanner Everywhere: 5 Ways to Use it and Save Money

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Raise your hand if you have never used Skyscanner at least once…I imagine there are few hands raised. Skyscanner is now my trusted friend when I need to search for an airline flight.

Simple, efficient and with some very very useful features.

Among these is the Everywhere search mode that I am now very fond of.

Have you ever heard of it? I also always use it as inspiration when I think aboutmaking a possible travel itinerary.

What is Skyscanner Everywhere?

As you well know, Skyscanner is an online portal that performs a flight search service.

The classic function allows you to

  • choose whether it will be a multi-trip, an A/R or just a one-way trip.
  • select the number of people who will be traveling.
  • enter the departure airport.
  • enter the arrival airport.
  • select the period, i.e., departure date and return date.

Skyscanner analyzes all possible flights and presents you with a list where you can choose the option that suits you best.

In this case you know very well where you would like to depart from and where you would like to arrive, but what if you were still undecided and only had the exact period in mind?

You are met with this feature that Skyscanner has been implementing for a couple of years now.

The Skyscanner Everywhere feature allows you to:

  • choose whether it will be a multi-trip, an A/R or just a one-way trip.
  • select the number of people who will be traveling.
  • enter the departure airport.
  • enter in the arrival airport simply Everywhere.
  • select the dates.
  • should you not have the exact dates you can even select the entire month.

skyscanner ovunque

Isn’t that great? By the way, it is also a curious option because who knows what will come out of it, maybe an unusual destination with a really attractive price.

Once you click on search flights you will see the screen with all the destinations in ascending price order.

skyscanner ovunque 2As you can well see, the results are very interesting. Of course, including the whole month, you have to refine your search further. You have to explode the drop-down with the blue tick and go to select the airports we are interested in. Skyscanner will show us the prices for the whole month on that particular destination.

Let’s assume we open the first one, Romania.

skyscanner ovunque 3

Skyscanner with the everywhere function will show you the list in ascending order, however, each of these airports will have different prices based on days. To access the day selection just click on the price for the airport you are interested in.

So let’s click on Timisoara’s 10 euros.

skyscanner ovunque 4

There are many combinations and the price will vary depending on the options you choose. Once you have selected the dates you can do “show flights” and then proceed to choose the combinations that suit you.

Needless to say, I personally use the everywhere feature a lot, so here are some tips on how to use it.

How to use Skyscanner’s everywhere feature

Once you understand how this feature of Skyscanner’s flight search service works, you need to figure out how to engineer yourself to take full advantage of it and save some money.

1 – Use everywhere as “inspiration”

This is the mode I use the most. Every traveler would love to see the whole world but, often times, we have budget limitations, time constraints, etc. Finding the perfect destination is never easy, at the same time we risk missing out on destinations that would be pleasant discoveries.

I still remember when I took tickets to Porto. A destination that was not very popular but nevertheless fascinated me in an impressive way, so much so that it has now become a much sought-after destination. Here, the everywhere function also serves this purpose, it serves to make us consider destinations that probably wouldn’t even occur to us. It is also the most fun mode because it involves wandering around the various destinations and being intrigued by them.

2 – Save money in peak season

In this case the everywhere function is a life-saving, indeed wallet-saving function. Besides being inspirational anyway, it allows you to choose destinations while paying attention to the budget. Unfortunately, for the high season you have to move far in advance. In my case, since due to force majeure I have to travel in the month of August, already in February I do so. I open Skyscanner, choose the summer period, select the everywhere function and for a few days have fun seeing what destinations might suit me.

Why is this important? Because the fact that I select the month and see for each day how much the price of the flight corresponds to, is essential in order to choose the right period and not focus perhaps on precise departure and return dates.

3 – Spend less on travel during Bridges and holidays

Ditto as for high season, with the difference that in this case you are helped by being able to select the dry date.

Want to take a break and want to travel during a bridge?

Through this feature you can check if there are flights that are right for you and maybe you will be able to take a cheap short break despite being on a bridge period. Here is an example for the June 2 long weekend.

skyscanner ovunque 5

4 – Letting go for one or more Day Breaks

What if you get an extreme desire to travel instead? To any place and on any date? Skyscanner everywhere is the wild card, allowing you to make the perfect mix of cost and travel. I often get caught up in this rapture; I open the site, select a rough period and then search for the lowest cost flight for the selected dates.

5 – Cross flights via Skyscanner Everywhere

Here we are talking about the most complicated solution but also the one that will give you the most satisfaction should you succeed in using it.

So far we have talked about entering the departure airport and the arrival airport.

What if I told you that the arrival airport can simply be a stop on your itinerary? OK, conceptually it can be considered complex, let’s simplify.

Let’s assume that this time you have the final destination in mind, let’s give it a letter, we’ll call it the destination C. We will call A the start.

Well, from A to C we’ll have a very high cost probably, so why not think about making a crossover, how?

We open two Skyscanner tabs, in one we will search from A to Everywhere, in the other we will search from C to Everywhere. The trick is to find among the Everywhere, the destination B common to both. You basically self-create the intermediate stopover.

It is a very complicated way, but by searching and searching you may find an interesting solution.

Another possibility of the everywhere function is to match two searches toward the everywhere.

So from start A to Everywhere, and from the chosen Everywhere to another Everywhere.

Okay, I know we are getting into almost philosophical talk, but the person writing this is someone who spends hours and hours wracking his brain between the various airline flights. Sometimes I get to a point where I just don’t get it anymore and have to reset everything. I close whatever Google Ghrome tab is open and start over.


All jokes aside, Skyscanner’s feature everywhere is very useful and saves money on airline flights. It allows you to adjust your travel to cheap departures and returns so that you can go to work on your budget and organize a trip in the best possible way. I also really like it because often, as I told you, it allows you to turn the spotlight on destinations that are sometimes unfairly put on the back burner.


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