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20 (+5) Things to Do in Algarve in Portugal

How many things to do in Algarve? Probably many of us would be wrong in answering this question. The Algarve is one of the...

Skyscanner Everywhere: 5 Ways to Use it and Save Money

Raise your hand if you have never used Skyscanner at least once...I imagine there are few hands raised. Skyscanner is now my trusted friend...

Vietnam Trip: 15-Day Detailed Itinerary

A 13- or 15-day trip to Vietnam can only be considered an "appetizer." Thus I begin the article on my Vietnam itinerary with this...

Slovenia and Croatia Road Trip: 16-day Itinerary

An itinerary in Slovenia and Croatia road trip is something that tastes "homegrown." You know I love road trips and in this blog you...

Greece Mainland Road Trip: the Best Itinerary

Mainland Greece often takes a back seat to summer travel to the myriad Greek islands scattered across the Aegean Sea; instead, it is...

11 Things To Do in Northern Ireland: along Causeway Costal Route

Among the best-known roads to do during a great itinerary in Ireland is undoubtedly the Causeway Costal Route in the territory of Northern Ireland. When...