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Grottoes of Catullus in Sirmione on Lake Garda

There is a place of rare beauty on Lake Garda that hides from passersby and reveals itself to sailors. We are talking about the...

Lake Garda in Italy: 30 Best Things To Do

Things to do on Lake Garda? You really are spoiled for choice! Lake Garda is the big brother of all the Brescian lakes. This splendid...

Vittoriale degli Italiani: a Must-see on Lake Garda

Even visiting it every day would not fail to amaze you, so many are the surprises that the Vittoriale degli Italiani holds. It is...

Mount Baldo on Lake Garda: Hiking and Trails

The excursions on Mount Baldo are definitely among the best things to do on Lake Garda in Italy. The view that sweeps over the...

Rocca di Manerba: the “Mirador” of Lake Garda

The Rocca di Manerba is one of those places you would never get tired of going to. The view from the top of the...

Lemon Houses on Lake Garda: nature and tradition

If you are looking for an itinerary that can offer you a glance at the beauty of Lake Garda as well as of its...