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8 Best Things to Do in Rotterdam

In these articles I would like to introduce you to Rotterdam, a city with a thousand faces, constantly changing, with a somewhat painful history...

Things to Do in Liverpool and the Beatles Tour

If you love the U.K. and its culture, you will certainly not be able to avoid dropping by to visit Liverpool, a cheerful and...

2 Things to Do in Cairns in Australia

Cairns is the last stop on our trip to Australia. After 1800 km between RVs, kangaroos and campsites we arrive in a typical Australian...

12 Best Things to Do in Hanoi in Vietnam

Hanoi reminds me of Bangkok, was the first stop on my itinerary in Vietnam and it is one of those cities that belong to...

Best Things to Do in Ljubljana in a Day

Yes I know, you are used to reading my itineraries for visiting cities in two days and this time I am offering you one...

5 Things to See in China’s Guizhou Province

A trip to China's Guizhou province is not easy. It is already difficult to pronounce the name: Guizhou. I had never been to China...