By Tram 1 All the way to the Lighthouse on the Ocean

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Going all the way to the lighthouse over the ocean on Porto’s Tram 1 was one of the experiences that fascinated me the most during these two days of visit to Porto. It was one of the things I couldn’t miss, along of course with wine tasting in a winery.

Before leaving I had searched far and wide to figure out how to manage to go there via the old streetcar, but I had found no comprehensive answers, only a few disparate comments on forums but nothing more.

That is why I feel that there should be a post that explains well how to get to the ocean from Porto.

To the lighthouse on the ocean with Porto’s streetcar 1

Well, there are several possibilities, including taking the 500 bus that runs all along the Duoro River to the mouth and then to the ocean.

The nicest option, the one that makes the experience more colorful, (I also recommended it in the post “Visiting Porto: the 10 things you must do” is to use the old streetcar that leaves not far from the Palàcio da Bolsa

The stop is just below the stairs of the Church of St. Francis.

This stop is practically the city-side terminus. Streetcar line 1 is called InfantePasseio Alegre, where Passeio Alegre is the ocean-side terminus.

Like any means of transportation, the frequency varies depending on the time you take it and, of course, also depending on the day. On Sundays, the number of rides drops a lot and you will even find people waiting in line for the streetcar.

Getting on streetcar 1 is like going back in time, it’s like having MartyMcFly and the Doc next to you, with the only difference being that you hope you don’t find the storm. The streetcar goes anyway.

vecchio tram 1 porto oceano

The ticket costs 2.5 euros per person each way and you have to do it directly in the carriage.

Tip: I guess you want to enjoy the streetcar ride and maybe also see the river and thus the view. Well, then remember to sit on the left on the outward journey and on the right on the return. It will sound like a lot of nonsense what I am telling you, but, if you don’t pay attention, you will find yourself looking into nowhere. By the way, remember that the single seats can also be flipped over according to the direction of travel.

The time it takes to reach the ocean by streetcar 1 in Porto is more or less 20 minutes.

Once you arrive at Passeio Alegre keeping the gardens on your right you will find the promenade leading to the lighthouse.

In just a few minutes you will reach the lighthouse by walking this concrete tongue into the sea as the waves crash on the rocks to your right creating remarkable splashes that lend themselves very much to some creative/extemporary photography!

oceano faro porto tram 1 due giorni porto

Once you get to the lighthouse in front of you you will find nothingness. Water, water, and more water. Next to you will presumably be some Portuguese fisherman who will be undauntedly staring at his fishing rod hoping the fish will bite.

vecchio tram 1 porto oceano

Well, personally this is the time for relaxation, the “look at the sea and don’t think about anything” moment. The sea brings peace.

How I wish I had been born in a sea place.


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