Pag Island in Croatia: Beaches and Fun

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It took me 4 nanoseconds to choose the island of Pag as my second island to visit in Croatia along my ontheroad itinerary between Slovenia and Croatia. Compared to the island of Korkula it was much easier: I only needed to see a picture to say “I want to go there”. And that there was so really. The island of Pag, with its particular landscape, shocks you.

Island of Pag in Croatia: why choose it?

The moon on the ground. No, it’s not a song, not even a movie, the island of Pag in Croatia is a 360 degree moonscape. It is truly amazing and I really recommend putting it on one of your itineraries.

I visited the island of Pag after spending a few days on the green island of Kurkola. It was like going from day to night. I found myself on a rough, rocky island with well defined contours and a completely clear sky.

Why choose Pag Island in Croatia? Because I believe it is unique and because of the guaranteed fun. Although it was not my goal, I can not deny that the island, in the area of Novalja, is a small Ibiza and is populated by many young people looking for revelry.

Where is it located?

The very long and narrow island of Pag (60 km long), is located in central Dalmatia, a few kilometers from Zadar (so perfect for an excursion from the city) and about 200 from Split. Actually, administratively it is divided in two between Lika region and the Zadar region.

vista dall'alto isola di pag croazia
Credits: Grigory_bruev

Where to stay on Pag Island?

The answer is: it depends. It depends on what type of vacation you are looking for.

Are you a couple or a family and want to enjoy the sea during the day, while in the evening take a quiet walk, I recommend you consider hotels near Pag city -> CLICK HERE to Choose from hotels in the area.

If, on the other hand, you are young and your goal is not exactly beaches and tranquility, but you are looking for nightlife and fun, then you have only one choice: Novalja -> CLICK HERE to choose between the hotels in the area.

How to get to the island of Pag?

This lunar-looking island is a non-island in the sense that it is connected to the mainland by a bridge.

Across the bridge

Arriving from Zadar or Split, to get to the island you will have to cross the bridge Paški Most. 200 meters long, beyond which the landscape will change abruptly and amaze you. Arriving from the south of Croatia, you can only use the bridge.

Ferry to Pag

The alternative to the bridge is the ferry PRIZNA -> ŽIGLJEN. The connection is at the northern tip of the island of Pag and connects it with Prizna. The ferries are frequent and the transfer takes only 15 minutes. I used this route because on the way back to Italy it allowed me to save several kilometers. Coming from Italy, the ferry will be the best choice.

Price: 14 kuna (1.90 €) for an adult and 80 kuna (10.70 €) for a car under 2 meters in height and 5 meters in length.

Tickets: you can do them online (recommended), or even on-site. I did them on site at the time. Even though it was August, I didn’t find any problems except for the queue before getting on the ferry.

croazia traghetto
Moving from island to island

What to do on Pag Island in Croatia?

The island of Pag is great if you want to do beach life and dive in fantastic waters. It’s also perfect for doing some evening life, whether it’s pure fun instead of a “hand in hand” evening.

Visit Pag Town

Pag town is in the middle of the island. It is very nice and quiet. When I visited it in the middle of August, it was very lively. The classic little stores of the seaside, games for children, restaurants more or less touristy, some place to taste cocktails more special and, finally, beach clubs where you can drink something with your feet in the sand.

If you have your own apartment, the town is also equipped with good supermarkets and you can find everything you need for your vacation. Regarding parking, compared to Curzola you can be much more relaxed. Here there are several parking lots, even if you have to pay.


Novalja Town

This city is the destination for excellence for those who arrive on the island of Pag in search of fun. Bars, restaurants, beaches, all dedicated to the movida and a very young audience.

Sunbathing on the beaches of Pag

Among the karst rocks that dominate the landscape there are incredible beaches that deserve to be visited. Among them is the beach that made me choose to visit the island of Pag.

vista da beritnica all'isola di pag
View from Beritnica to the island of Pag

Rucica Beach and Beritnica

Here they are, they are the ones who made me decide for the island of Pag. A water with absurd colors, in an absurd landscape context.

They are located in the north-eastern part of the island of Pag. There are several ways to reach Rucica Beach, you can see it on the interactive map below.

How to get to Beritnica beach: the beach that you can reach by car is Rucica Beach (bring your umbrella), to get to the beautiful and incredible Beritnica you will have to take that path between the rocks that starts right near the puntalino. In only 10 minutes you will be in Beritnica.

Warning: avoid flip-flops and bulky objects. The path is between the rocks and could be relatively challenging.

beritnica beach isola di pag
Beritnica Beach, Pag Island

Zrce close to Novalja

If you prefer unbridled fun to peace, well, Zrce beach in Pag is your ideal destination. It is 1 km long and consists mostly of pebbles, is located about 3 km southeast of the town of Novalja and discos are located directly on the beach.


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