South Sardinia Beaches: 5 of the Most Beautiful

I’m back to talking about Italy, our beautiful Italy and some of the best beaches in southwestern Sardinia.

I have to admit that I am a little afraid to talk about our beautiful country. I mean, I am often afraid that I am not able to give proper credit to the area and I think that there could surely be more suitable people, perhaps locals, to describe such beauty. Then, instead, I realize that even though I am not a local, my small and brief experience can help. So, here I am talking about some of the most beautiful beaches in South Sardinia.

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For a couple of years Sardinia was my favorite summer destination. Those were years when I needed beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea. The first year I devoted it to the North of Sardinia, the classic Costa Smeralda for short; the second year I “tried” the South and was enraptured.

spiagge sardegna del sud

If it were up to me, I would have returned there every year. Unfortunately, however, you can’t, the world is so big and vacation days are so few…It’s a pity also because to go to Sardinia I have always preferred the overnight ferry, and the ferry trip on the bridge is always a trip in itself. Each crossing has left me with so many good memories.

In the booking tickets for Sardinia i have always organized myself as economically as possible. The first time, as a complete inexperienced in ferry travel, I waited too long trying to occupy an inside seat. I blissfully roamed around the ship, outside, inside, everywhere…and when it came time to look for a place to sit for the night, I could do nothing but settle for the stairwell and its air conditioning.

As you can well imagine, I learned my lesson and on subsequent voyages I adjusted accordingly and no longer went to see the stars on the deck of the ship….

But back to Sardinia and the beaches of southern Sardinia, what struck me about this part of Sardinia? The difference with the North was obvious, less territory usurped for the construction of hotels and villages and a context that was certainly more typical and genuine.

By nature I prefer to be in contact with people who are as little artifacts as possible, tied to local traditions and their own history. This is what I found in South Sardinia and what you readers who are reading this post will probably find as well. It’s not that I didn’t like the North, in fact, it was a wonderful vacation with beautiful beaches there as well. The South, I can’t tell you why, gave me that extra something that I now remember in a very pleasant way. I felt like I was in a less blatantly touristy setting, starting with the place where I was staying.

I was not yet using the current online booking systems consistently. I had ended up on a site probably very much related to the German target audience and, honestly, I booked with some concern. Never was another choice more apt.

The place was beautiful, nestled in the countryside just outside Pula in close contact with nature and the B&B animals. Essentially it was a kind of agritourism. I liked Pula itself quite a bit, livable, quiet and quaint. Every night there was music or other events in the small town square with lots of street performers. By the way, I wrote an interesting article about what I think about street performers. However, the time has come to talk about the beaches of Southwestern Sardinia….

South Sardinia: some of the most beautiful beaches

I confess that it is also difficult to choose, for me the beaches of Sardinia are all beautiful as I also adore its inhabitants. When it comes to Caribbean beaches you are not really wrong, in fact, I will tell you when I return from vacation this year since I will make a on the road in Mexico.

Santa Margherita di Pula beach

Of all the beaches I will list, this is the one closest to your hypothetical Pula base. It is a free beach, the water slopes slowly (like most beaches in this stretch) and is therefore suitable for those traveling with children. The beach is extensive and stretches along the shoreline toward the nearby Bay of Chia.

Cala Lunga (near Porto Pino)

During my vacation in this part of Sardinia it was the furthest beach from Pula that I visited. I must admit that the road to get there is a bit winding but, in my opinion, the cove repays the time used to reach it. Probably Cala Cipolla or other coves are more accessible and impactful, this one has to be appreciated, and once appreciated it is really great. When I went it had water coloring tending toward green, it was a sight to behold. Then if you want to venture to the right side of the rocks (better not alone), you can see Cala Lunga from an even better angle. I remember that this cove had amazed me for this very reason.

Beaches of the Bay of Chia

There are several beaches that can be counted among those in Chia. There are as many as 7 that extend continuing along the coastline from Chia southward

Su Giudeu

One of these beaches is precisely Su Giudeu. It can be reached in about 20 minutes by car from Pula. It is located exactly behind one of Chia’s ponds: the Stangioni de su Sali. Su Giudeu is a very very beautiful beach, certainly among the most beautiful I have ever seen.

spiagge sardegna del sud

It doesn’t beat the Elafonissi beach of Crete but it still holds up great.

Su Giudeu is a very clear sandy beach that has two special features. First, there are sand dunes shaped by the wind on which there are centuries-old junipers; second, in front of Su Giudeu beach there is a small island that characterizes the landscape. Tip: Equip yourself with a mask and snorkel and have a good snorkel around the islet.

Tuaredda Beach

Tuaredda Beach is also part of Chia’s beaches. It is definitely one of the most distant, but definitely also one of the most beautiful and fascinating. It is smaller and much less extensive than that of Su Giudeu, for example. But it is still a spectacle. It may be a moment more crowded, but the crystal clear sea rewards the effort of being near so many people.

Cala Cipolla

This is a cove that is situated after the headland at the end of the long beach of Su Giudeu. Although very small I remember it as extremely interesting. Being a cove it is more “intimate” and relaxing. If you then go up the promontory to the left you will have a wonderful view of all of Cala Cipolla.

spiagge sardegna sud Conclusion: This piece of Sardinia and its beaches impressed me a lot and remained in my heart. I promised myself I would return to spend even a few days there only. I got along great with both the managers of our B&B and the local people we met during our stay. And then the water, shall we talk about it? Stunning. So….good tan among the most beautiful beaches on the South/West coast of Sardinia!


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