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What are Tapas and Pinchos: the Traditional Spanish Food

Tapas, the famous Spanish tapas...whether you have made a trip to Spain, or you have never been to the Iberian Peninsula, you have surely...

Cordoba in Spain: Best Things to do and Must-See Attractions

Best things to do in Cordoba? Cordoba is a gem of Andalusia to discover and appreciate by walking. If you would like to discover the...

Southern Spain itinerary, 10 days between Andalusia and Castilla

For most of of people Southern Spain is commonly called Andalusia, so it seems obvious that the two words are somehow synonymous. Everyone knows...

Visiting the Mezquita of Cordoba: a Magical Cathedral

I had the chance to visit the Mezquita of Cordoba and the beautiful Cordoba during a trip in Andalusia a few years ago. I...

Cordoba: 10 facts about this beautiful Andalusian city

Cordoba must be visited at all costs, you have to experience it intensely. Cordoba is one of the main cities of Andalusia, I also...