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Nuuksio National Park: Great Excursion From Helsinki

How many people would not like to have a Nuuksio National Park just a few miles from their home? I would sign my name...

Public Sauna in Helsinki: Discover the Finnish Culture

During my week in Helsinki I had a chance to experience a real public sauna. As you know, sauna culture is well entrenched within Finnish...

Best Tobogganing Slopes in Trentino on Seiser Alm

How many of you as children have ever ridden on a toboggan, one of those wooden ones where just the thought of sitting on...

Lower Lake Garda: 5 Experiences To Do

I love to talk about places within a short distance from where I live; it gives me extreme pleasure to introduce people to places...

Nazaré in Portugal: among the World’s Highest Waves

Nazaré, Portugal, Atlantic coast: these are the coordinates of Surfer's Paradise. Here you can see the highest waves in the world. Waves of an...

Camino Lebaniego and other Pilgrim Routes in Cantabria

One of the most popular types of tourism in northern Spain is definitely religious tourism, which I would actually dare to consider more spiritual...