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Halong Bay in Vietnam: How to visit, Cruise and Routes

tisiting Halong Bay (to be men of the world: Halong Bay) was one of the fixed points of my trip to Vietnam. So much...

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia: Routes, Prices and Helpful Tips

If I hadn't managed to see the Plitvice Lakes during my last road trip itinerary between Slovenia and Croatia, I would have been really...

Samaria Gorge: a Great Trekking in Crete

Doing a nice trek in Crete in the Samaria gorges after doing days and days in the best beaches of Crete also fits...and here...

Skocjan Caves in Slovenia: Natural Paradise…Underground!

I was always taught that heaven is in heaven, in the case of the Skocjan Caves in Slovenia we can make an exception. Paradise...

5 Things to See in China’s Guizhou Province

A trip to China's Guizhou province is not easy. It is already difficult to pronounce the name: Guizhou. I had never been to China...

Nuuksio National Park: Great Excursion From Helsinki

How many people would not like to have a Nuuksio National Park just a few miles from their home? I would sign my name...