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What is Drop-Off or One Way Rental?

What is drop off in car rental, or rather, what is one-way car rental? Quick answer: they are the same thing, also called one...

Online Car Rental? 8 Useful Basic Tips

Long ago doing anything online was taboo, e-commerce was chimera. Those who bought online were seen as fearless. The classic question was "But do...

How to Rent a Car: Tips and Some Raccomandations

Renting a car seems one of those things that is so simple that we often tend to underestimate certain aspects that are actually fundamental. As...

9 Great Long Road Trip Tips: Traveling by Car

I love road trips, it's stronger than me. That feeling of being in the middle of nowhere... you, your car and the road. A...

Driving on Left Side of Road: 10 Incredible Useful Tips

Like it or not, sooner or later, a lover of the road trips will have to confront a chimera: left-hand drive. Or maybe it's...