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Slovenia and Croatia Road Trip: 16-day Itinerary

An itinerary in Slovenia and Croatia road trip is something that tastes "homegrown." You know I love road trips and in this blog you...

Greece Mainland Road Trip: the Best Itinerary

Mainland Greece often takes a back seat to summer travel to the myriad Greek islands scattered across the Aegean Sea; instead, it is...

What is Drop-Off or One Way Rental?

What is drop off in car rental, or rather, what is one-way car rental? Quick answer: they are the same thing, also called one...

Online Car Rental? 8 Useful Basic Tips

Long ago doing anything online was taboo, e-commerce was chimera. Those who bought online were seen as fearless. The classic question was "But do...

How to Rent a Car: Tips and Some Raccomandations

Renting a car seems one of those things that is so simple that we often tend to underestimate certain aspects that are actually fundamental. As...

Southern Spain itinerary, 10 days between Andalusia and Castilla

For most of of people Southern Spain is commonly called Andalusia, so it seems obvious that the two words are somehow synonymous. Everyone knows...