From Helsinki Airport to City Centre: Transfer Options

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This post on how to get from Helsinki Airport to the City Centre is full of information that will be very important for you to get to and visit Helsinki while optimizing your commute.

For everything you need to see in the city find everything on this post about the best things to do in Helsinki

The Helsinki Tallinn Ferry

A 2½-hour ferry ride away is Tallin, the capital of Estonia.

The ferry costs from 35 euros minimum to 60/65 euros per person depending on the schedule and companies used. You can make a reservation DIRECTLY HERE

Why am I telling you about Tallinn? Because low cost airlines land in Tallinn and many adopt this strategy: low cost flight from your Country -> Tallinn and then ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki and vice versa. Why not try this strategy!

From Helsinki Vantaa airport to the city center

You have two alternatives: either private transfer from the airport to your hotel (CLICK HERE for rates), or on your own. As usual I like to recommend the best solutions. One good method is the new train line. It has been a few years since they inaugurated the efficient train connection between the airport and the city center.

helsinki cosa vedere d aeroporto stazione helsinki

By the way, it is a circular line and the trains to be used are the P or I. In fact, in Helsinki, trains are named with a letter.

What’s the difference between the two trains?

Basically none except that the I takes less time than the P to reach the airport from Helsinki station. The P takes less time than the I to reach the center starting from Helsinki Airport. The reason is that they go in the opposite direction. I will also add the picture for you to understand this.

treno aeroporto città helsinki centro train city centre circular

The ticket costs 5 euros and 50 cents one way.

How to get around Helsinki?

Tip: Considering the cost of single tickets (from 2.6 euros to 3.3 euros minimum per single ride in Helsinki city) and considering Helsinki’s perfect transportation system, I can’t shy away from recommending the purchase of the Helsinki Card of the duration si 24, 48 or 72h.

Helsinki is served by 10 streetcar lines, a metro line that closes just before midnight, 2 ferry lines connecting Suomenlinna, and an untold number of buses (there are so many of them).

passaggio Helsinki


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