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Nuuksio National Park: Great Excursion From Helsinki

How many people would not like to have a Nuuksio National Park just a few miles from their home? I would sign my name...

Public Sauna in Helsinki: Discover the Finnish Culture

During my week in Helsinki I had a chance to experience a real public sauna. As you know, sauna culture is well entrenched within Finnish...

From Helsinki Airport to City Centre: Transfer Options

This post on how to get from Helsinki Airport to the City Centre is full of information that will be very important for you...

Suomenlinna: Fortress on the Island Near Helsinki

When we look at the world map, specifically Europe, we don't really pay attention but...the waters of Helsinki are dotted with islands. There is...

The Top Things to Do in Helsinki in 2 Days

What to see in Helsinki in two days? It is becoming a constant now to try to find a weekend during the year and...