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The Oceanogràfic and the Valencia City of Arts and Sciences

If there is one image that I am sure you have seen at least once in your life, it is definitely the Oceanogràfic and...

Valencia Bioparc and the Turia Gardens by Bicycle

I´ll start right away by telling you that you can´t miss Valencia´s Bioparc! When you walk around a big city you usually count the trees...

Toledo: 4 Experiences you Absolutely Must Do

There are so many things to do in Toledo, a city rich in history and culture that, by the way, because of its location...

Cordoba in Spain: Best Things to do and Must-See Attractions

Best things to do in Cordoba? Cordoba is a gem of Andalusia to discover and appreciate by walking. If you would like to discover the...

Where to Stay in Cordoba…and Where to Eat!

In this post I'll talking about where to stay in Cordoba and, of course, where to eat. The places I recommend you will make...

Seville travel tips: 10 facts and tips to know

After talking about what to see in Seville it is time to tell you some trivia and, why not, also give you some advice...