The Oceanogràfic and the Valencia City of Arts and Sciences

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If there is one image that I am sure you have seen at least once in your life, it is definitely the Oceanogràfic and Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences.

During my three days in Valencia, I saw this area at sunset and it is really beautiful at this time because when night falls and the lights come on it becomes a magical area.

The City of Arts and Sciences bears the signature of Santiago Calatrava. Several criticisms have arisen related to the large sums spent to build the complex. But for the tourist it remains a beautiful area to visit, so I am sure Valencia has only to gain from it. The citadel consists of several structures.

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Valencia’s Oceanogràfic, the largest aquarium in Europe

The Oceanogràfic is simply the largest aquarium in Europe. Inside are 45,000 specimens of 500 different species.

Its peculiarity is that it is designed in such a way that the aquarium is divided according to the different types of marine environments. Di ranges from tropical areas to the Antarctic, all divided according to how nature really is.

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oceanografic valencia Oceanografic valencia

In the Valencia Oceanographic Park, the thing that impressed me most was a huge 70-meter-long tank under which visitors pass. It amazed me for two reasons: first, the thrill of feeling completely enveloped, you see fish everywhere; second, the respect for the needs of the fish. Several times, in fact, I have seen fish confined in very small tanks. Here I felt there was more respect for them, 70 meters of tank represents a nice space to move around in.

oceanografic valencia oceanografic valencia

Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences

Science Museum

It is a mammoth structure that tries to explain science with a much more direct approach. One has the opportunity to experience and see with one’s own eyes the various scientific discoveries. This is not something sensational; it is simply a playful way to explain science.

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museo scienze valencia The children are crazy about it, they would be in it for days. In my opinion you could even leave them inside and you go and visit other places in the city, of course after you finish the museum visit. I am joking, but this is to make you understand that going with your children to the Valencia Science Museum is certainly a good choice.

Museo arti e scienze valenciaMuseo arti e scienze valencia

The Umbracle and the Agora

They, too, are structures by Santiago Calatrava. The first is a huge 320-meter-long free garden where you can take a walk surrounded by Mediterranean plants. The second is the decidedly recent structure in which events of all kinds are held.

Reina Sofia Palace of the Arts

This is Valencia’s opera house; concerts are also held there but it is not open to the public on a daily basis.


This is a 3D cinema where there are educational screenings every day. Special glasses are provided for viewing.


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