10 Best Things To Do in Valencia

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What to see in Valencia? Well, firstly, the sun, definitely!

It’s always shining on the city of Valencia and inside Valencian people. They’re always approaching life with a smile, taking all the good things… we should learn from them!
Anyway, visiting Valencia in summer means sun, hot and sun, while in winter means sun, warm and…sun! Therefore, in my opinion, it’s one of the most amazing Spanish cities to enjoy.

Valencia, Spain: travel notes

Thanks to numbers of low-cost direct flights in Europe, you can have a 3 days visit of Valencia: a full immersion weekend, dense of new experiences, which will fulfill your heart!

Two days should be enough, but you may not fully enjoy the city.

Valencia is culturally essential, because it hosts one of the most amazing traditional festivals (read my post ? Las Fallas festival in Valencia“) . Inside its cathedral, you will see the famous Holy Grail. But that’s not all! Food, tourism and eco-friendly living are crucial for the city as well: its famous paella and the Bioparc or Turia Gardens are simply expressions of this kind of life.

Visiting Valencia by the Valencia Card

Right now, I think it’s pretty compulsory visiting every European city with a card and Valencia is no exception (CLICK HERE for the Valencia Card (from 15 € for 24/48 and 72 hours)), with lots of things included!

Anyway, if you want something of special, you can choose for -> the BIG Valencia PASS with many attraction included (I suggest it).

Need help with accommodation? Go to “Where to stay in Valencia

Interested in Valencia’s Tours? CLICK HERE to see all of them

Top 10 things to do in Valencia

First of all, I’d recommend you to visit Valencia booking a local guide. You can find some of them HERE.

1 – Visiting the Cathedral and Holy Grail

Absolutely, the first thing to do in Valencia.

The Gothic interior consists of 3 naves and over the centuries, it was object of several changes. For example, the bell tower was even moved. The light inside is dim and weak, because most of the windows are made of alabaster.

Should be interested in the Valencian Graal tour (free cancellation).

cattedrale valencia

The Holy Grail stands here: as you know, it’s the chalice used by Jesus Christ during his Last Supper. It is kept in the front wall, inside a bare chapel, on the right side of the cathedral.
The Statue of the Virgin stands here too: tied to the local tradition, pregnant women must take 3 laps of the cathedral and then stop for praying.

2 – Las Aguas Court

It’s the oldest known court and its hearings are kept every Thursday morning at 12.00, in front of the main entrance of the Cathedral. 8 members try to settle the disputes about the fields watering. The court judgments have State value for all intents and purposes. Being there any Thursday, you can attend this particular event.

3 – Lonja de la Seda

When visiting Valencia you shouldn’t miss this place. Lonja de la Seda is a Unesco World Heritage and means Silk Exchange: a real bijou! It represents the time of prosperity of Valencia, cradle of cultural and commercial activities.

Its most crowded and important hall is the Sala de Contractaciòn, the negotiation hall. Inside the Lonja you will note an architectural feature. They built a spiral staircase with no pin.

Enjoy absolutely this tour -> Click HERE for the Silk Tour

4 – The Central Market of Valencia

This market is an indoor one, similar to Boqueria in Barcelona; you cannot miss it, with its scents and aromas, which will make you desire a real Jamon Iberico. Take a break here!

5 – The Museum of Ceramics

Next to my hotel, SH Ingles (CLICK HERE to see the hotel), is located this Museum.

My room faced its Madonna and I was amazed at its beauty every time I saw it. It was once the house of a noble family and then under the care of the Spanish Ministry of Culture.

6 – Visit Valencia and discover it thanks to its Street Art

This is absolutely one of the best things to do in Valencia. Absolutely again!
Walking down Valencian alleyways, you’ll discover the city by a modern form of art: street art.

In fact, you will often face whole buildings covered by drawings and representing open-air artworks. This is street art: don’t forget your camera, for a good shot!
Enjoy the -> Free tour of Valencian Street Art

street art valencia

7 – Taking a break in Turia Gardens

After your first day downtown, you have to enjoy nature and the sea of the second one! Indeed, besides the cultural features, I mentioned the gardens here -> the Bioparc and the Turia Gardens.

The first one was once a river: after flooding in 1957, the river was redirected and its old course was regenerated and it hosts nowadays this park. Here you can enjoy 11 km of nature and sports activities, forgetting daily troubles

You should discover the Turia Gardens by bike -> try THIS TOUR (with free cancellation)

parco valencia giardini del turia due giorni cosa vedere visitare

8 – Visiting Bioparc

The Bioparc is located at the end of the Turia Gardens, Valencia upper west side and it’s the innovative expression of the traditional zoo, a good solution for those who have children, but for those who want to enjoy nature too.

If you’re visiting this spanish city with your children, you will have to go to the Bioparc, it’s one of the best things to do in Valencia for youngers.

9 – Oceanogràfic and Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

Close to the downtown of Valencia raises up the Ciudad of las Artes Y las Ciencias: a must-see zone, absolutely not to be missed. It’s outstanding, as it is its reputation, promoted by the sign of Santiago Calatrava. How many times did you see these buildings? I guess too many, they’re so famous! La Ciudad is the highest peak of Calatrava, even if many criticisms were brought about the excessive expenses that occurred, as my guide Amaya told. The Ciudad is still under construction, but you must visit it.

museo scienze valencia tre giorni cosa vedere visitare

I described cultural features to deepen during a 3 day weekend in Valencia, but in this here there are further suggestions. Read: 8 experiences to discover Valencia

See the Oceanogràfic and the Scienze Museum? -> Get HERE your ticket

10 – Valencian Paella at Toni Montoliu’s

Spare time? Take a walk in Albufera and then have the spectacular paella at Toni Montoliu Barraca, in the countryside.

Summary for what to see in 3 days in Valencia?

  • Day one: cathedral- Holy Grail – Las Aguas Court – Lonja de La Seda – Central Market – Museum of Ceramics – Street Art
  • Day two: Turia Gardens- Bioparc – Oceanogràfic- Ciudad de Las Artes y las Ciencias
  • Day three: Toni Montoliu Barraca

More Information About Valencia

Where to stay in Valencia?

This city is safe as the other Spanish ones: you will bump into many people, late at night.

Considering that the best thing for visiting Valencia is on foot, I suggest my hotel, Hotel Boutique Sh Inglés, next to the Museo Nacional dé Ceramica Y Artes: the hotel is in an easy walking distance from the main landmarks. When you book, ask for the room facing the Madonna of the Museum. Furthermore, breakfast is delicious and the rooms are clean.


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