Toledo: 4 Experiences you Absolutely Must Do

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There are so many things to do in Toledo, a city rich in history and culture that, by the way, because of its location close to the capital, may well be considered one of the most interesting day trips from Madrid. The city of Toledo does not stop at its cultural aspects, it has other attractions/experiences that I want to recommend.

The four experiences to do in Toledo

Fly Toledo

In Toledo you will find the largest urban cable car in Europe. It goes over and across the Toledo River. Put fear aside, the speed touches about 25 kilometers per hour, so go very slowly. Sitting in a special harness you will fly over the Tajo from one side of the river to the other. The very nice guys from Fly Toledo will hand you their GoPro, which you can hold for the entire river crossing and then hand back to the guy waiting for you upon arrival.

The duration of the “crossing” is very short, I don’t know if you reach a minute. When you get to the other side, before you get off give a big smile because there will be a camera ready to capture the moment.

And that’s not all. Included in the ticket price the guys will edit your video and put it on youtube and you will have your memory forever. Among other things, they also provide you with a code so you can view and download the photo that they will put on Flickr.

Here is our video.

Try this experience, you can see Toledo from a special angle!!! Their facebook page where you can find photos of the participants and all their initiatives.

Lunch at the Discalced Carmelites

In the visit to Toledo this, among the 4 experiences to absolutely do in Toledo, was the most particular thing I did.

You will say…what do you want with a lunch that is so particular?

Well, you actually have a point. Let’s try to explain why. The Discalced Carmelite Convent is a convent located in the historic center and is used for the profession of religious worship and more.

You have the option of asking if it is possible to have lunch at their place. I cannot tell you the cost but what I do know is that it is a very very special feeling, in my case emphasized by the fact that there was no one else there to eat, just the table of me and my sister set.

carmelitani scalzi toledo 5 cose da fare Imagine the convent with a covered courtyard where there is a muffled silence. Few tables present inside the courtyard and only one set. No people hanging around you, just an elderly waitress who very politely brings you the various dishes.

And during the meal silence, just your voices and nothing else. Trust me, it is a very special feeling that I really enjoyed and it is definitely something to try if you pass through Toledo.

By the way, I emphasize that the cuisine was really outstanding. There is also an overnight option if you need it.

Buying Marzipan Chili

This in my opinion undoubtedly falls within the top 4 experiences to do in Toledo.

In terms of local crafts Toledo is very famous for sword forging. But it is beyond famous for marzipan. You cannot leave the city without buying a lot of it. Of course it is quite expensive but it is typical of Toledo, then if you are like me who are crazy about it, well, then you have to try to contain yourself.

marzapane toledo tomè 5 cose da fare All kidding aside: the most important pastry shops are near Plaza Zocodover. The guide explained to me that the most renowned one is “Santo Tomé,” which dates all the way back to 1856. The one in the center is very easy to find because it is under the arcades on the left going from Plaza Zocodover to the Alcazar.

Tip: they have endless types of marzipan, from the regular one to the one with almonds, there is also the filled one. Here, the problem is the one filled with fruit jelly. Ask what they look like exactly.

Having a drink at Circulo de Arte Toledo

I didn’t get a chance to try Circulo because I didn’t linger in the evening in Toledo. It is definitely in the top 5 things to do because the guide who followed me around all day told me that this place is perfect for drinks in the evening.

All the young people in Toledo hang out at this bar that was opened inside a deconsecrated church. I went in and it is a very unique environment where some artwork is also put on display that can be purchased.


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