Flamenco in Seville, Spain: pure energy!

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There are some things that are not easy to explain with words. There are things that you just have to see and experience in first person to be able to understand their beauty. The flamenco in Spain is undoubtedly one of them.

I’ve visited Spain several times, also in Andalusia and for three times in the city of Seville. I hadn’t never been to a flamenco show before. Whilst on my last trip to Spain, I finally had the pleasure of visiting the museum of flamenco in Sevilla and marvel at this iconic dance show.

I wish I had done this years ago!

The flamenco is dance, energy and intensity at their peaks and it is part of the Spanish culture. When watching the flamenco show I could not take my eyes off the dancers and the guitarist. They was playing its instrument with so much emphasis so as to seem in a sort of “trans” state. I guess the perfect therm to describe the situation I was in would be “magnetic”.

Where to see a flamenco dance in Seville?

If you want a suggestion on where to go to watch a flamenco dance, one of the most renowned places is Seville’s Museum of Baile Flamenco. In this famous place, you’ll have the possibility of both watching some of the most famous flamenco dancers in action. Also, you’ll visit the museum itself to discover the history of this dance throughout the years.

spettacolo di flamenco siviglia

I’d like to share with you a few pieces of information I gathered while visiting the museum.

First of all, you have to know that the flamenco is characterised by intense and energetic sensual movements. It is a dance that is originally from the gipsies, who travelled through Andalusia in the past.

Our guide explained to us that the influences on flamenco throughout the years have been at least 4 and as a consequence. The moves, postures and clothes have changed. Depending on the different ethnic groups in Spain, the flamenco has transformed with the time, taking on different features.

The flamenco is typical in Andalusia, but it is danced all over Spain, even outside its national borders. Something very important to point out is that in Spain there is not just a single kind of flamenco, but this dance differs from place to place.

Looking a Flamenco show

The visit at the Museum del Baile Flamenco was very interesting. I’d really recommend it before watching the show. Do not miss the exhibitions of the several different dresses that are used whilst dancing – a tailor’s masterpiece and a triumph of colours.

One more suggestion: do get a glass of Spanish red wine at the bar near by the stage before the beginning of the dance show. Watching flamenco whilst sipping a bit of delicious red wine simply is the perfect combination!


The show lasts about an hour. There are different songs and each one of the dancers has to perform a dance assolo, while the other partner sits down next to the singer and guitarist to rest a bit before the final performance and continues to clap their hands on time with the music. The guitarist is by far the “king” of this show as the music helps embracing the dancers, singer and spectators in this magic atmosphere.

The show grows of intensity step by step culminating with a final dance of both the dancers together.

I had never imagined flamenco could entertain me so much. Obviously, I do not have the faintest intention to take flamenco classes as I’m practically hopeless, but I’d definitely like to watch a show every single day. Flamenco transmits so much energy and I just awe at dancers that can perform with such intensity and passion to leave them utterly exhausted at the end of their dance.

At the Museum there are two shows: one from 7.00PM to 8.00PM and the other one from 8.45PM to 9.45PM. To check the prices of the tickets and to buy them, have a look on their website, just click HERE.

Otherwise there are many other options that you can buy. You can find them here (click here for all the shows).



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